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Casino gambling is a serious industry in Las Vegas. Even the airport has slot machines for you to say your last hurrah, and to see if you can beat the odds. If you are already a serious gambler, you will not stay long on this page, and will know that casinos keep careful track of returning high-rollers, tempting them with luxury accommodations and top-notch treatment. Fortunes are made and (more often than not) lost, and gambling can be an addictive behavior that has destroyed lives.

Then there are those who gamble once in a while, for entertainment, who know a certain amount about the rules and are willing to weather the waves of winning and losing, but also with the wisdom to walk away. However, even novices can have a lot of fun and excitement at, say, the slot machines, but once again, would be prudent to set aside a personal budget, and to consider that the"entertainment" budget, which, once depleted, marks the end of that activity.

It IS worthwhile knowing a little bit about the rules and odds of different machines and table games in the casinos. They are basically divided into two types: 1. where the player has a certain amount of control in strategy and a positive mathematical and statistical outcome,  and 2. where one is calculated to lose.

"Beatable" casino games are as follows:

Poker (universally recognized as a game of skill, that improves with experience, strategy, and the study of human behavior and reaction, hence the term "poker-face")
Blackjack -- with card counting
Video poker -- with proper pay table and/or progressive jackpot
Pai Gow Poker and Tiles -- player-dealt
Slot machines -- only linked slots when multi-player jackpots reach a certain point. Also, the video poker slot machines do require a certain type of strategy, as one decides which cards to hold, and with shrewd decisions, can (possibly) end on a positive note.

"Unbeatable" casino games (as listed by the Wikipedia entry)
These have a negative expectation, players as a group will lose in the long run (unless they cheat, which is not advisable!).
Roulette (unless physical prediction is used)
Casino war
Sic Bo
Let It Ride
3-card Poker
4-card poker
Red Dog
Pyramid Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker
Spanish 21 -- without counting
Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

There are many guides to the rules of casino games, depending on your interest and fascination. You can also practice online, but once again, be aware that this can be dangerous and addictive, and also a lonely preoccupation. But given the right and healthy attitude, it can be fun!
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There are innumerable links to this sort of subject if your curiosity is piqued, and you feel like beating the odds! Just type in "casino games"  on any search engine!

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After a leisurely dinner, anybody can use a break. Las Vegas is home to many different shows, housed in the different hotels. It is a magnet for moving acts and visiting performers, but also performers on long-term contracts like Celine Dion.

One of the most spectacular acts, and worth every penny, is the Cirque du Soleil, now based in Las Vegas, although it has its traveling troupe. Cirque du Soleil performs at Treasure Island Hotel, and showcases talents in acrobatics, set to a theme, with unbelievable lighting and staging effects. The performers are drawn from across the world, and the shows are astounding, original and unforgettable.

For a complete index of entertainment options in Las Vegas, see this comprehensive online and up-to-date guide:

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